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Lasciar Accadere 7Lives and works in Milan. Graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, has done part of her studies at the fine arts University of Granada and for some months her research in New York. Her research focus on the theme of identity and its transformations. Using photography, video and performance

Project “and was thus” and “let it Happen”
The Chiara Paderi project fits in the reflection on the themes of identity and the flow of time.
While and in the present, always maintains an open dialogue with the past through research of traces, in relation with the historical roots and family. “The clock is ticking and I’m stopping in the Middle,” writes the artist.
The project “was so” develops from reflection on sedimentation memories and memory that selectivity, disappearing, leaving only an action, a gesture or an expression as the only reading code. The work is built on the work accomplished on some photographs choices within its album Chiara goes to manipulate making evanescent figures; no longer familiar, but gestures and faces isolated from context that they become almost unrecognizable. Real space removed the image leaving in her place just a blinding white. A white that is omitted or absence of information about living people. With the project “was so” Chiara plays with photos and with her own history. Is a work of cataloguing that allows, for a moment, to believe that you can manage, then stopping in one click stolen. The photographs set the images, but it is the succession to become the story, so much time has elapsed. Chiara, instead, chooses not to tell any story, because that would be the result of a hoax, a well hidden.



Collective exhibitions
2013 PostQards , 50 and 250 artists works for Circoloquadro. Edited by Marta Caton, Milano, Act IV Italian Spirit, factory Banks. Edited by Annalisa Bergo ArtSite. Edited by Domenico Maria Pope, Castle of Buronzo, Vercelli, Roccatederighi, Grosseto, accessible art. Edited by Annalisa Bergo/Factory Banks.
2012 Preview UP_nea ‘ Factory award 12 Banks, Bollate, Milan
2011 Faces and identities. Arduino, Cuorgnè Palace, Turin
2010 Winter Solstice in Padua, Galleria Samona of Bank of Italy , Landscape with figures, Orta San Giulio, Palazzo delle Comunità
2009 The fragile city Triennale di Milano, Creative identity. Video library review Italo Calvino, Torino, VideoMuseum. Video projection, Piazza Duomo, Milan. Edited by Domenico Pope, Daimon Prison 3 “new”, Turin

Personal exhibitions
2012 Amazing stories of ordinary people. Two-Men. Typography O, Milan. A cura di a. Bergo
2011 Phanes Room Association Phanes Turin
2005 CHIARASTAIZITTA Space Baires, Milan 1999 | Casa de SUDARIOS Porras, Granada