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2013 - Stampa fine art su carta cotone 10x15

2013 – Stampa fine art su carta cotone 10×15

Born in Catania in 1984. Graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2008 and at the same followed two years of course in Visual Arts.

The project UP
“I don’t know why I’ve turned round in a balloon, perhaps I am distracted and is simply slipped the tip on the sheet”. Raise, raise, move upward, even spirit, strive for a better condition, free from burdensome or commitment by a state of physical or moral oppression, occurrence or rebel. A composition of small photographs on the walls opens in front of us, red balloons transported in each direction by a breeze that we can only imagine. Laughter and maybe some scream. And, to be the backdrop to everything, the sea. It is above all a game for and with oneself, a return to childhood when the balloon is not subject, but a metaphor for a need to escape from a situation of suffocation. Daniela, instead, calls for a reaction, asks the desire to get back in the game, returning to play as when, still children, dreams were all achievable. The project was born from a need of levity, the need to be able to, even if only for a moment, be lifted into the air by a balloon, to believe you can do. The weight of the body is a metaphor for all the complications of a system that we do not understand, a bureaucracy that he holds on to his ankles, keeping us stuck on the ground, as we were too heavy.


2013 Italian Spirit, Act IV, Factory Banks, Bollate
2011 10 x 10 collective, galleria Obraz, Milano Art Brescia, biennale internazionale di Arte contemporanea di Brescia , collective state-of-the-art, galleria Obraz, Milano
2010 – collective Obraz Xmas, galleria Obraz, Milano , collective exhibition Attendance absences of bodies, a cura di Sara Carbone and Mimmo Di Marzio, at the Spazio Giovani, Milan Taccori, collections, emerging trends in contemporary art, curated by a. b. Del Guercio at LIFEGATE di Milano
2009 group show Obraz Xmas, galleria Obraz, Milano 
Imagine collective Images, curated by Andrea b. Del Guercio, Contemporary Academy Gallery, Milan
2008 Classroom 8 collective, a cura di f. Marrocco, Studio art outside the Center, Rome
2007 Group exhibition organized by the Avon company at Corso Como 10 Gallery, Milan