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capraAfter graduating at the IED in Milan he moved to Ireland looking for new challenges.
In Kilkenny, next to Dublin he collaborated with a lighting designer and during my free time. The relationship with the nature of the Irish landscape inspired him to find a new way of expressing himself and he chose to leave the virtual world and started to use a natural material, the wood. My works are made of wood.
“The timelessness of De Chirico, red inflamed of Sassu, gestures of Fontana, I started to experience the charm of everything and I moved by the generosity of these artists who have chosen to share their moods, their fears, their passions and…My works are made of wooden colored painted and assembled dowels like a jisaw. The natural material has been cutted, treated and transformed into a new object. That’s how I create my works in my workshop in Piacenza that smells of paint polish and wood”



solo exhibition “La Prima Vera Fortuna” , Otto Barra Dieci, Bergamo
group exhibition “Amica Arte” , Piacenza
group exhibition “Pop up Revolution” , Milan
group exhibition, Mirabilia Arte e Cultura , Reggio Emilia

solo exhibition “Non c’è posto come casa “ , Giardino Incantato, Milan
Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Brescia

solo exhibition “Tu non puoi fermare il colore” , Spazio Rosso Tiziano , Piacenza
solo exhibition , “FortunataMente/Luckily” , Artime , Udine
group exhibition Galleria Carrè Dorè , Monte Carlo

solo exhibition “Filizmente/Luckily”, Galleria Colorida , Lisbon
solo exhibition “Prefazione/Foreword”, Villa del Castello Visconteo, Trezzo d’Adda

solo exhibition “Daniele Fortuna” , Galleria Brehova, Prague
FIAC Beijin
FIAC Paris