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Olio su tela 50×40

Iskra Shahaj was born in 1988 in Vlore (Albania) and spent her childhood in this poetic city. Her attraction for art begins in early age, when the magic and colors of the Mediterranean develop the imagination and creativity. She attended the art school in the city of Vlore and in 2006 she moved to Italy, in Ferrara, where she still lives. She, then, obtained a degree in Cultural Heritage and Geological Sciences. The artist has always paid particular attention to female figures, probably because the first impact with the images, lines, shapes and colors were the sketches designed by the seamstress mother. She watched images and concerned, remained so impressed that he began to draw from very young. There his passion finds its roots. The paintings, whether they are indoor or outdoor scenes, always have solitude as a recurring theme, understood as a moment of recollection with oneself. There is no narration, it is a moment captured during the day. That is why her paintings do not have a title but only a number that identifies them. There is reflection, expectation and introspection. In the interior scenes the artist sees a correlation between the interiority of the space and the introspective gaze of the subject. The protagonist of the scene is the woman but her interest is mainly focused on the play of light and color that is created in the folds of her clothes. He often uses strong colors in contrast to very delicate poses.