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ANDREA DE ANGELIS was born in Terni, where he lives and works. Architect, signed with the pseudonym NEGRO his artistic productions.
Many collective and personal exhibitions to his credit Terni ,Rome, Milan, Rotterdam, Bratislava, Istanbul.
In 2012 he commissioned a polyptich for the Municipality of Terni gives the city’s football team during the promotion to serie B.
In 2012 he commissioned a large steel triptych that decorates the lobby of access to new municipal office building on corso del Popolo.
In April 2013 gets an important recognition from his hometown who dedicated a solo show at the palazzo di primavera entitled “Contrasts” curated by Silvia Pegoraro
In 2013 the great steel monument commissioned by the CDC, dedicated to strength and placed on the shores of Lake Piediluco.
In January 2014 achieves a performance of action-painting and electronic music entitled Pollution within the exhibition “Tell Mum Everithing is OK” at palazzo della Penna in Perugia.
One of his works titled “urban” tango is permanently exposed to the CHAOS of Terni Museum where also a large painting entitled “the actor” is located in the foyer of the teatro s. Secci and his is the altarpiece of the Church of s. Tommaso di Terni.
His works are found in private collections in Italy and abroad.

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Just one day exhibition , by Chiara Ronchini, Terni, July 2011
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Dispersed Landscapes solo exhibition curated by Cecilia Majumdar, Spoleto – Red room space art c/o Cult Movie Art coffee, July-September 2011
Human Rave , August, 2011 in Stroncone
What’s up?! solo exhibition curated by Valentina Gregori, Terni, Gallery-Co, October 2011
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Tell mum the room is OK , performance curated by Viviana Weaver, Perugia, exhibition centre of contemporary art of Palazzo della Penna, January 2014