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Sanja, born on November 17, 1983, in Nis, Serbia, graduated in painting with honors from the Brera Academy in 2007, where she also graduated in “Visual Arts”. The urban city is her source of inspiration where “everything is a continuous movement”. Important buildings, cities that live on the streets, illuminated by theaters, museums. The individual, despite being at the center of her reflexions, always appears in her works as part of a whole, of a multitude: the street, the park and the museum take on relevance as places of aggregation and encounter. Today, after various exhibitions in Venice, Turin, Naples, and then London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​and following the critical and public success received with her paintings inspired by the metropolis, with the exhibition “Only For Your Eyes” she opens her art and dedicates her original and unique brushstroke to unspoiled landscapes of Nature. In 2016 she won two awards at the ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE competition in Venice. Recognized and appreciated in Italy and abroad, she lives and works in Milan.