Torna alle Opere

2015 – Olio su tela 25×30

One of the most prominent Croatian painters of the younger generation, Sebastian Dračić was born in Zagreb in 1980 where he graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. So far he has exhibited at a number of solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Zagreb, Vienna, Leipzig…). He is a winner of several awards, among them two awards of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb for the best young artist. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU).

His work of art is intertwined by different thematic, compositional and colorist solutions. Since his first paintings of empty interiors evoking discomfort in the viewer he has introduced a human figure seeming captured and bound in the interior. The turning point in the topics originates from the artist’s new cycle The Beginning and End of the World, dedicated to the night forest landscape. Although the forest looks identically, each tree is painted differently by numerous tiny strokes and details. The forest of Dračić exists without the presence of man by wisdom of nature cycles and its self restored vitality. It has become the measure of all things – the beginning and end of the world. In his cycle The Gray he is interested in collective destiny of the mankind in the world becoming more and more a dehumanized desert, in transience of the human existence related to the infinity, the review of destroyed and deserted architecture personifying human suffering and pain. There dominates the green calming colour relaxing us and leaving us over to our reflections in his new works of painted rain forests. A longer observation evokes the feeling of affiliation to the very space; the observer can feel the scent, rustle and tranquility of the infinite greenery. By intertwining the real and imaginary segments Dračić intensifies the impression of a dreamlike atmosphere, dragging the observer into his often supernatural spaces of a nameless reality. Throughout his work the artist is concerned with the state of the present-day civilization; he is interested in the destiny of men in today’s alienated world, analyzing human feelings and the idea of the end of the world. An undetermined presentiment is exposed in his paintings, whether they are sights of already experienced past or discerned contures of an uncertain future.   His works are on the edge between reality and illusion creating the magical beauty of the worlds. Sebastijan Dračić lives and works in Zagreb.

Selected solo exhibitions
2014   “Gray”, Kranjcar Gallery, Zagreb
2011   “The beginning and the end of the world”, Marisall Gallery, Zagreb
2010   “Every man for himself”, SC Gallery, Zagreb
2007   “8 X 8”, SC Gallery, Zagreb
2007   “Interiors”, Vladimir Filakovac Gallery, Zagreb

Selected group exhibitions
2015   Exhibition at Ningbo Museum of Art , China
2014   “Better than reality”, Zuccato Gallery, Poreč
2014    “Danube dialogues”, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia
2014    Erste Fragmenti Ten Editions, HDLU, Zagreb
2014   T-HT Award, Museum of contemporary art Zagreb
2013    53. Annale “Art must be beautiful”, Istrian assembly Hall, Poreč
2013   2nd Biennale of Painting, HDLU, Zagreb
2013   Apathy, Klović Gallery, Zagreb
2013   Apathy, MSUI Pula
2013   One sided story, HDLU, Zagreb
2013   Boilling point 2, Zagreb
2013   “Only a number”, Museum Lytke Gallery, Leipzig, Germany
2013   Rundgang, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2009   Croatian selection for 14. Biennale of young artists from Europe and Mediterranean, Museum of modern and contemporary art Rijeka, Croatia

Artist-in-residence program
2012    “One-sided Story”, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
2009    KulturKontakt Austria, Vienna, Austria

Art Fairs
2015   Affordable Art Fair, Milano